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You’ve Heard about First Time Buyer Seminars – What about a First Time SELLER Seminar?

Ok, I’ll admit that our clients aren’t necessarily a target audience for another REALTORS® event to attract prospective clients!  After-all, if you’re reading this post you’re probably a real estate professional trying to attract your own new listing customers.  Well, Zach Zaleski is a great client of ours, Mediamax is an event sponsor and I thought he’s using a creative approach to finding new listing clients.  I’ve seen tons of ‘First Time Buyer’ workshops over the years, but not a ‘First Time (or not first time) Seller Seminar.

What I like most about Zach’s approach is that he’s bringing his team of home listing experts together (including Mediamax) and demonstrating to prospective sellers the team effort required to properly list a home and help sellers maximize their selling profit.  What a great reason to contact home owners with valuable information about the selling process.  Hey, even if home owners he contacts DON’T show up Zach will have created a great impression and an opportunity to connect with them when they are ready to sell.

Zach will have his Loan Officer, Stager, Photographer (Mediamax), Movers, Inspectors, and Title representatives provide a brief description of their services, the important role each service plays in the home selling process and how our services benefit sellers.  Of course, I was more than happy to sponsor an event that will eventually lead to new photo shoot orders.  I’m sure he would even enjoy seeing other REALTORS® attend so I thought I’d announce the event to Mediamax clients.

The class will be Saturday May 5th from 10 til 11 a.m. with a light breakfast served.  Wanna go?  You can RSVP using our Mediamax Sponsored Class RSVP Form or visit Zach’s Facebook Page.

By the way, I love how Zach is using simple and effective videos to communicate with his audience!

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