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There’s no doubt that a real estate agent’s most important job will always be that of advisor and coordinator, leading their unexperienced clients through a very complicated process. As an advisor, the most important role is marketing the home. We spoke to RE/MAX agent Mick Madsen, who emphasized the importance of following a plan every time.

Mick says one rule he always follows is hiring a professional photographer to shoot the property. No matter what the price point, Mick says, “I don’t know what I don’t know. I have a great respect for what a photographer knows and trust they know how to make the house look its best.” This follows a philosophy Mick has when listing any property. “As an agent, I consider myself a marketing coordinator, putting all the pieces together.” He says, It’s my job to pull together a team of professionals to market a property, and the photographer is an important part of that team.”

Mick always meets Mediamax photographer Jon Eady, his preferred photographer, at the listing for one important reason. “The photographer’s job is to take great photographs. I want to make myself available to open blinds, turn on lights, and move whatever needs to be moved, so Jon can focus solely on doing his job.” This also creates a great atmosphere for the sellers, when they can see Mick and Jon working together as a team. According to Mick, meeting the photographer at the shoot is as important as meeting wth buyer at an inspection, or with an appraiser. “It shows your seller you’re working for their top dollar, and that you support them from an equity or value perspective.”

Photography by Jon Eady

Mick has put a lot of thought into his process of preparing a home for photos. He says, “When I represent buyers, I pay attention to the details of a house to help them connect with the previous owner. Ideally, you want to remove all of the clutter and personal items when listing the house, so the buyers can connect to the style of the home, and appreciate the work that has been put into making the house one-of-a-kind.”

A big part of that process starts with his first meeting with the sellers. He leaves any guesswork out of the process and makes a detailed list of things that should be moved, put away, and cleaned so his clients have simple instructions to follow. This philosophy of “doing it right the first time” allows for gorgeous photos and really pays off, helping each home sell quickly. Acting as an advisor and coordinator through the entire process allows him to establish a strong connection with his clients confidently guide them through the process every time.

And as for whether Mick would ever list a home without hiring a professional photographer? “Buyers will often skip going to see a listing altogether because of poor quality photos,” he says. “My job is to serve my clients in the best way possible, and that starts with professional photos.”

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