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Jordan Spencer

Persistent Photography
Jordan went to school for commercial photography and has worked in a wide range of disciplines across the photography industry. If there is a job that involves photography, Jordan has most likely done it! His many years of experience in the industry gives him a competitive edge when it comes to shooting residential and commercial properties, as it has become second nature for Jordan to find and highlight the unique features of a home or building.
Jordan has a background in post production which gives him a unique perspective when photographing homes, as he’s able to advise agents and sellers on which things are important (and which things not to spend time on), and the things that can easily be adjusted or photoshopped after the shoot. While photoshopping is a great tool, he also recognizes that it should be used ethically. He says the main goal of the post process for him is to add the “sizzle” to the final photos.
Jordan enjoys the challenge of photographing a property accurately but also artistically, and appreciates that this balance is really making an impact on someone as they transition out of their current home and onto the next chapter of their life. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, Jordan believes that real estate photography is the best kind of work for him, and hopes to continue doing it for years to come.
Jordan says the most rewarding part of the job is that he sees the direct impact of his work, when his photos help an agent and their clients sell a home. He appreciates this “business” aspect of photography, but also loves that it is the combination of the business and art that go into the job.


Seattle, Washington


"All I've ever wanted to be is the stick that stirs the drink"

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