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If you’re a listing agent looking for one more marketing tool for your arsenal look no further than our new Zillow 3D Home® tour service.  Beginning January 3rd, 2022 Mediamax is introducing our new Zillow 3D Home® tour service!  And to make this new service even more attractive we’re offering Zillow 3D Home® tours at NO CHARGE for the first three months of 2022.  Our introductory promotion applies for all listings within most all Denver-Boulder Metro zip code areas.

So, if your next listing is located within our promotional area you’ll notice the FREE Zillow 3D Home® tour auto selected within our online order form (Order Form Screenshot below).  You can uncheck the Zillow tour box in our order form an opt-out of this promotion, but we truly think this is an offer you can’t refuse, especially because we know most every home seller will want the best exposure possible on the highest ranked property search site in the world,!

Mediamax 3D Tour Ordering

With Zillow 3D Home tour pricing beginning at $199 following the three month promotion period, we think Zillow 3D Tours could become your new best friend when it comes to providing effective a new listing exposure tools.  If you’re a regular client who’s always added 3D Tours to your orders you’ll also notice that pricing for our non-Zillow 3D Tours was reduced beginning January 1st, 2022!   Our previous pricing started at $225 for properties up to 2500 square feet and our new 3D Tour pricing now starts at $199!

You might be wondering how to present the value of a Zillow 3D Home tours to your sellers.  First of all, most all of your sellers will already be very familiar with Zillow but they might not be aware of exactly how much web traffic receives.  The real estate site traffic comparison below could be a  great way to drive home just how much more traffic Zillow and Trulia (both owned by Zillow Group) receive compared  with other real estate portals.  Attaching a Zillow 3D Home Tour to a listing on Zillow generally 37% more views and sell 14% faster (according to Zillow site analytics from 2021).

Zillow-Trulia Traffic Statistics

Finally, take a good look at this Example of Zillow 3D Home Tour!  For comparison, also take a look at this Example of the Mediamax 3D Tour we’ve been offering for many years.  Which 3D Tour do you prefer?  We feel that both tours offer buyers a great experience and we hope our clients appreciate the value extra visibility on provided by the Zillow 3D Home Tour!

We think the tour navigation experience, interactive floor plan, floor plan files with measurements and improved visibility on all add up to a powerful new service that we hope helps our clients win more listings and sell those listings faster, for higher asking prices!

What do you think?  We know that Zillow has caused alot of concern and controversy within the  professional real estate community.  Mediamax agreed as a team to give this new service a try, beginning with the FREE ZILLOW 3D HOME TOUR promotion from Jauary 3rd thru March 31, 2022

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