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The Mediamax photographer team has been delivering high quality listing photography for over twenty years helping our clients succeed.  Our photographers always go the extra mile to show off your listings with high quality images.  Almost more important than delivering quality photography, is how our photographers look for ways to impress your sellers with a level of professionalism and courtesy that typically impresses your clients, the seller.  Delivering high quality photography in today’s competitive real estate photography market is almost a given.  Delivering high quality images with a concierge level of customer service takes a photo shoot to a whole different level.

But, let’s face it, some listings and sellers just need a little more attention to detail that requires our photographers to slow down the shoot process and incorporate special techniques typically reserved for very high end architectural shoots.  Most Mediamax photo shoots are limited to less than an hour and don’t always allow a photographer to focus on the little details that make a property unique.

Well, over the past couple of years we’ve experienced a growing demand for what our clients call ‘Magazine Quality Images’.  These clients have dedicated higher budgets to ensure our photographers take the extra time needed to consult with them (and sometimes the sellers) about what makes their listing truly unique and special.  These clients demand the highest quality photography we can deliver from our most experienced photographers to provide them with images that capture the imagination of discerning buyers.

So, after much thought and research, Mediamax is proud to introduce our Premium Architectural Photography services!  This new service is designed for discerning agents and sellers demanding the highest attention to detail including:

  • Onsite Artistic Direction
  • Editorial Style Shot Composition
  • Premium Image Editing
  • Magazine Quality Images from our Most Experienced Photographers

We’ve added a new Luxury Upgrades section to our online order form, but you should know that this new service isn’t necessarily reserved for luxury properties.  The Premium Architectural shoot upgrade is actually quite affordable, relative to day rates for most high end Colorado architectural photographers.  We think our clients will begin choosing this new service when their willing to pay a little extra for that special touch during the shoot and premium image processing to deliver our highest possible image quality.

Check out this property site with Examples of Premium Architectural Photography Images taken at a very nice listing that wouldn’t normally be considered a ‘Luxury’ property.

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