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When it comes to engaging visual content that helps our clients attract online home buyers looking for Colorado real estate, we’re always keeping an eye out for the latest and greatest technology.  Well, on July 6th 2021 we unveiled our latest 3D virtual tour technology discovery.  Our new Immersive 3D Tour platform offers several improvements and a lot of extra value for Mediamax clients.

As of July 6, 2021 all Mediamax 3D Tour will include the following:

  • A Free 2D Floor Plan
  • Room Measurements
  • Integrated Floor Plan within Tour
  • Exterior and Interior Navigation
  • Quicker Shoot Times
  • Unlimited Tour Hosting

Click and navigate the embedded 3D Tour below to experience the new Immersive 3D Tour and improvements for yourself. Notice the tour begins in the beautiful front exterior courtyard at this home. Notice and expand the interactive floor plan icon in the upper left which will give you a great sense for where you’re at in the property.

Mediamax operated for many years without offering measuring and floor plan services but the popularity this service has grown immensely since being introduced in 2015.  Now it seems as if floor plans are an almost required piece of visual content in today’s Colorado real estate marketing world.  So, the free 2D floor plan with room measurements alone adds significant value for our clients.  And, the integrated interactive floor plan within all 3D Tours provides viewers with a much better sense of location as they navigate through the new tour interface.

Many clients might not be aware, that some 3D tour capture technology (i.e. Matterport) don’t allow exterior to interior navigation.  We think a true immersive tour should allow viewers to begin their home tour from the exterior front of a home; just like they’d tour a home in person.  Well, another great benefit of our new 3D Tour technology platform is the ability for our photographers to shoot outside allowing online viewers to navigate both exterior and interior areas of a property.

In the early days of 3D Tour scanning technology, we used to quote shoot times at about 30 minutes per thousand square feet.  Which meant scanning a 3000-foot home could take as long as an hour and a half.  We’re almost always shooting 15 to 40 high-definition photos along with a 3D tour so some shoots could take as long as two and a half hours, and even longer when aerials or other services have been ordered.  Our new scanning process will typically take about half as long so we’re not inconveniencing homeowners and our clients with lengthy shoot times.

Finally, our new 3D tour platform offers unlimited tour hosting.  In the past we’ve needed to charge $50+ after the first 12 months of hosting because of exorbitant hosting cost from our previous provider that needed to be past along to our clients.  Most of our clients don’t really need every single tour after the listing has sold, but there are great benefits for our clients when they use past tours to demonstrate their marketing plan during new listing presentations.

So, we really hope our clients appreciate and take advantage of all the extra value coming with our new Immersive 3D Tour services.

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