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Twilight Photography is one of the most challenging things real estate photographers do.

Any time you’re shooting in low light, you have to know what you’re doing. There’s a fine line between a great image and one that’s just dark. You’d better know the difference. You also have to be ready. You can’t be fiddling with your equipment. One second too late and you miss the shot.

If you want to know whether your real estate photographer is up to snuff, ask to see their Twilights. Because as technical as it is, Twilight Photography demands real artistry.

The image featured above proves my point. It’s by Master Photographer Jon Eady for Elizabeth Owens with RE/MAX Elite, Castle Rock. Here’s a photograph that does what Twilights are supposed to do. It stops the viewer in their tracks, takes them out of the ordinary, draws them in.

The daylight version of the same home is terrific, no doubt about it, but it doesn’t quite have the same emotional appeal.

To capture stunning Twilight images, Jon has to have the technical knowledge, the years of experience, yes, but he also has to have that something special, something ineffable, the artist’s eye. Okay, and a little bit of luck to be there on a night when the moon was full. But you get what I’m saying. A less experienced, less artistic photographer could easily have bobbled this shot or whiffed it entirely.

As you can see from the following slideshow, Jon’s not the only photographer on our team with the chops to do the job. Mediamax photographers have what it takes to deliver stunning Twilight Photography time and time again. Order today.


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