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It’s been a great year for client success with our Matterport 3D Tour offering!  We continue to hear stories from clients about how introducing Matterport tours has helped them win those tough to find new listings.

In this hot Denver listing market with ‘Days on Market’ numbers lower than ever before, using a cool technology like Matterport is more about winning listings than actually using the technology to engage online buyers!  In fact, it’s not unusual for tech-savvy sellers to request that Matterport be used to help market their homes.  While buyers are definitely attracted to listings with 3D Immersive tours, we also hear about the huge impact they have as a unique technology that wows sellers!

Here at Mediamax, we’ve always been a leader with introducing the latest and greatest visual content technology.  Our clients know they might not need to invest in a Matterport tour for every listing but they’re confident we’ve got the cool technology tools available when they need them.

Here are five great ideas for maximizing buyer and seller engagement with your Matterport tours:

Single Property Site – Your Matterport & still photography within one URL. Whenever you order a tour with Mediamax, it is automatically added to your virtual tour. This keeps all of your media in one place.

Mattertags – Feature hotspots to highlight important listing features. Provide potential buyers with information as they navigate through the house, and even link to other areas of the property, or out to your website. You can also add multimedia like images, audio, or videos right within the tour.

Auto Play Setting – One Click for immediate engagement. For those who prefer to watch the tour rather than navigate their way through, they can click on the play button on the bottom left corner of the tour. All they have to do is push play, sit back and watch.

Teaser Videos – Give potential buyers a quick view of the property by downloading short 10-15 second videos to share. This maximizes listing exposure on your blog or social media sites.

Share Your Space – You can now click on the icon in the lower right corner of all of your Matterport tours to share your tour directly to Facebook, Twitter, or to email someone directly.

With embeddable links and simple ways to share your Matterport tours, they’re quickly becoming a great way to set yourself apart from your competition.

We can help you get started and guide you in utilizing all of these cool features.  Give Mark, Matthias, or Emily a call at (303) 988-7497 for an individual consultation or to order one today. We would be happy to provide valuable information on enhancing and getting the most out of your Matterport tours. 

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