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As the trend of buyers purchasing their homes “sight unseen” continues to grow, the importance of utilizing your visual tools has never been greater. At the same time, wading through photos and media in general online can often be overwhelming for potential buyers.

This means that it is all the more important for your visuals to elicit an emotional response from viewers online and grab their attention, fast.

As Mediamax Master Photographer John Koliopoulos likes to say, “When selling a home, you’re always selling a lifestyle”. Taking the extra time to create a mental picture for potential buyers can make a big impact. The feeling of sitting by the custom fountain for backyard BBQ’s or relaxing in the oversized master bathtub can really be important, capturing your audience of buyers and giving you an advantage over your competition online.

It’s also important to provide information buyers might need to make a quick online decision, but in an interesting way. For example, instead of overdoing it on the text and just listing out the square footage, use a floor plan or a 3D tour to provide a visual of the layout of the property. Showing instead of telling whenever possible will help to keep the attention of your viewers.

Another tip: Encourage your sellers to share with you the reasons they loved living in their house. Was it the window seat in the guest bedroom? The extra bathroom in the modest two bedroom house? Every house has those features that made the previous buyers just have to have the house, and they might not always be obvious at first. So make sure to take the time to have a conversation with the sellers about the history of the house.  Not only will learning these things guide you and help you highlight the unlikely selling points of a home, but they are likely to ignite a little passion in you, making it more of a no-brainer when doing your walk-throughs.

Consider using these lesser-known features on your marketing material as well. Instead of the typical “stainless steel appliances and granite countertops”, the first line on your brochure might highlight that extra bathroom, original moulding, or perfect view of the Colorado sunset. Remember, you’re always selling the lifestyle, and while brand new appliances are definitely something to talk about, the human touch is most important and can go a long way.

Lastly, never underestimate the importance of lesser-used visual tools like twilight and aerial photography to grab attention and leave a long lasting impression. With the huge amount of media currently available online, buyers will appreciate a focus on quality over quantity every time.

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