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I think it’s safe to say selling luxury and high-end real estate requires upping your game.

I’m not going to say the rich are different. Everybody loves their home and they want the best for it. But it should come as no surprise that luxury sellers have higher expectations.

“Luxury homes are not tract homes,” writes Shannon O’Brien at “They aren’t mass-produced by a single developer. They are typically architect-designed and custom built.”

Luxury sellers expect their real estate agent to provide marketing at the same high level.

So, you’d better not be offering them snapshots on copy paper, in other words. Your strategy, as well as your visual content, should reflect what your sellers perceive as their home’s value and uniqueness.

Likewise, luxury buyers need to know their potential new home is special, not run of the mill. They don’t want a cattle call. They want a concierge experience.

You can find examples of successful agents in this niche mightily working their well-cultivated contact lists and pulling out all the stops by throwing charity galas. But they also make excellent use of the Internet where luxury buyers, like everyone else, shop for homes. And they don’t fail to use old-school techniques like print advertising in magazines.

“We do a lot of beautiful brochures,” reports one agent interviewed by Abby Rogers at

Another says she “relies on a `very high-end marketing program’” that also is a mix of online and print.

To market at a high level, you need high-caliber visual content by Mediamax. We offer custom-crafted HDR and Twilight photography to capture those “architect-designed” details. We also offer Aerial photography and video to showcase the views and the expansive exteriors of luxury estates.

If you’re looking for a really unique, new way to bring your A game, we recommend video. Our Listing Marketing videos make an ordinary tour into a tour-de-force. And you can build your brand as a luxury agent with Profile videos.

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