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A funny thing happens in real estate as winter approaches. When foot traffic numbers sag, everybody starts questioning whether it’s worth it to stage. Many are tempted to hold off until spring.

But it’s just as important to stage in the winter – and maybe more so, says Lauren Matthews, design director and co-founder of White Orchid Interiors, our preferred partner for staging.

Buyers likely have more time to look and often can be pickier. Staging also can go a long way to soothing sellers’ nerves.

In other words, winter is no time to scrimp.

“You really want to make sure that the people that are coming through are seeing the property in its best light,” Matthews says.

Of course, to get them to book that showing, you need to make sure they see great photos online.

“You’ve got to incentivize people to come see the home,” Matthews says. “It’s a little bit more of an effort, a lot of times there’s weather or whatever, but they’ve got to be able to see the home online looking amazing.”

So, stage before the home goes on the market and before the photos are done, she says.

What about holiday decorations?

“I’d recommend holiday items from a showing standpoint but not in your photos,” she advises. If the home is still on the market in January, photos with holiday decorations will look dated and you don’t want that.

Think “clean” and “neutral” for photos. For showings during the holiday season, it’s fine to add a touch of “fun and festive.”

“For seasonal decorations keep it minimal,” Matthews advises, “not too heavy or where you can’t see the house through it.”

No matter the season, Mediamax is always ready to deliver photos that’ll make your listings look amazing online. For that extra sparkle in the winter months, consider HDR and Twilight photography. Order today.

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