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This photo is so bad it makes me laugh.

Really Bad Bedroom Photo

It’s another in a series of really bad real estate photos I found a while back on realtor.com. Either you’ve gotta chuckle about photos like this – or weep for the poor sellers who entrusted the sale of their home to an agent who just wasn’t trying very hard.

Yes, the exposure is awful. On the one hand, it’s too dark. On the other, the windows are “blown out” – meaning they’re so bright there’s no detail left. This photo blinds you and makes you squint at the same time.

Yes, the room seems to slant to the right – probably not a foundation issue (you hope) but a case of not leveling the camera properly.

Yes, the composition is – well, it’s heinous, isn’t it?

But the worst thing about this photo is that it wastes buyers’ time. I say it wastes their time because it takes way too long to figure out what this is a picture of.

If buyers don’t see what it is instantly, they move on. Instantly. If too many photos in a tour are as bad as this, they move on to somebody else’s listing.

It’s common to lament buyers’ short attention spans. Yet we all have experience as online shoppers, sifting through a torrent of information, skimming off what’s important to us and ignoring what isn’t. Why expect buyers, especially home buyers, to take time to decode bad photographs? They won’t and they don’t.

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