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Could Video and Mediamax be Your Perfect Match? Here’s Why April Stahl Chose Us

The Club at Ravenna video by Mediamax featuring Dale Schossow, exclusive listing broker

The Club at Ravenna already is a unique community, tucked away behind the Dakota Hogback on the edge of the foothills not far from Chatfield Reservoir. A community like this calls for marketing that’s just as unique. That’s a key reason why April Stahl called Mediamax in to do a video. She says she wanted something […]

Meet Mediamax’s Cheryl Ungar: Experienced Pro, Photo “Geek” and Giver

Mediamax Senior Photographer Cheryl Ungar

Mediamax Senior Photographer Cheryl Ungar says she knew in kindergarten she wanted to be a photographer. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree, she jumped into the business as a professional right out of college, starting out as a photojournalist, and she never looked back. For a good 3 decades and counting, she’s lived her entire professional […]

Good news! Changes to mean cost savings for you

Good news! Changes to mean cost savings for you

Do you remember the “red spinning house”? Answering “yes” might date you, but for those who haven’t been in the business as long as some of us, this was an icon on Realtor.dom listings. The icon linked to a listing’s virtual tour. Over the years the red spinning house has disappeared, replaced by various text […]

The Neir Team: Video’s the Best Way to Differentiate Your Brand

The Neir Team: Video's the Best Way to Differentiate Your Brand

Plenty of people talk about differentiating themselves and their brand from everyone else’s. Stacy and Alex Neir, The Neir Team with Kentwood City Properties, are actually doing it. How? One way is with video by Mediamax. They’ve worked with us for many years for still photography, so when they found out we also do video, […]