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Plenty of people talk about differentiating themselves and their brand from everyone else’s. Stacy and Alex Neir, The Neir Team with Kentwood City Properties, are actually doing it.

How? One way is with video by Mediamax.

They’ve worked with us for many years for still photography, so when they found out we also do video, it seemed like a great fit, especially for this luxury listing of theirs in Cherry Hills.

“It’s a massive 11,000+ square foot house,” says Alex, “and a 2.4-acre, beautifully manicured lot in a very upscale neighborhood, so what we wanted to do is capture all of those elements and tell a story of what the lifestyle would be like to live in a property like that.”

Of course, they also had us produce a virtual tour (Nate Koerner did the shoot) but they felt video would better “capture the magnitude of the space,” Alex says.

Probably everyone in the real estate world has a sense of video’s potential, but many aren’t sure how to harness it.

That’s not a problem for the Neirs.

As Alex puts it, “there’s two parts to buying real estate, one’s the emotional and one’s the analytical – if you can hook the emotional side in to begin with, then it makes the analytical piece a little bit easier to manage. So, that’s what we try to do with our marketing efforts – try to appeal to that emotional side of people … and I think video’s a good medium to do that.”

Alex says the production process went well.

“There was very good communication as to what was going to happen, how it was going to work.”

He says they really appreciated Supervising Producer Emily Langner and her team’s willingness to adapt and adjust plans to make them comfortable.

“I think we’ll be doing a lot more of this type of media for our listings for sure,” Alex says.

Are you ready to differentiate your brand with video? Contact Mediamax today.

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