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Mediamax Senior Photographer Cheryl Ungar says she knew in kindergarten she wanted to be a photographer. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree, she jumped into the business as a professional right out of college, starting out as a photojournalist, and she never looked back. For a good 3 decades and counting, she’s lived her entire professional life behind the camera.

From early days shooting for a newspaper, through corporate and PR work, to running her own photography business, Cheryl says she’s done work in almost every genre. That includes high-end architectural photography using large format 4×5 (read: expensive!) cameras. She’s been on assignment worldwide and her work has appeared in the New York Times and national magazines.

“It’s hard to sum up” what she loves about photography, she says, but it’s safe to say it’s in her blood.

“I’ve always been very sensitive to composition. I love good light, capturing moments, composing and just pretty much creating an image – something special out of the ordinary.”

Like many photographers, it’s not just making photographs that excites her, it’s learning new ways to make them, new equipment, new processes. Like shooting panoramas for Swedish Medical Center recently, for instance. Read more here.

“I’m, like, such a geek,” she says.

Cheryl also happens to be a breast cancer survivor, and she’s found a way to use her love of photography to give back. Through “The Wedding Pink” Cheryl donates her services as wedding photographer, along with services and products from top Colorado wedding vendors to provide a complete wedding package to a survivor each year.

Cheryl and her efforts were recently featured in a story by KMGH Channel 7’s Kristen Skovira. Visit Cheryl’s website here.

So what’s she doing shooting real estate photos? She says at this point in her long and varied career, it’s the perfect fit for her.

“I love to look at houses. I like interesting spaces and I like getting out and meeting new people.”

Cheryl Ungar is just one example from Colorado’s most experienced, most talented team of real estate photographers. Contact Mediamax today.

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