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So, what’s up with this Land Based Aerial Photography stuff?  You’re probably thinking I shoot from a plane and, in that case, isn’t that incredibly expensive and time-consuming? Actually, no. With our ground-based trailer rig I can capture amazing aerial views without the hassle or cost of renting a plane, helicopter or crane.  The front main picture of any listing is the first image many buyers see!  Aerial shots that show the home and scenic surroundings in one picture capture attention!  Check out this video of a recent shoot I did for Linda Behr of The Behr Team at Fuller Sotheby’s and see what I mean:

You can also visit our gallery of aerial photos here. As you can see, aerials work best for properties that ordinary photographs just can’t capture. They also help you showcase a stunning setting and, as I like to say, they add something of a wow factor, as well. You cannot fail to impress buyers and sellers with aerials.

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