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For Bryce Cole, owner/manager of Englewood Camera on South Broadway, signing up for a Google Virtual Tour by Mediamax was a no-brainer.

“People come in and say, `you’re Denver’s last real camera store’, so having a taste of that online can be helpful,” he says.

Cole credits his store’s longevity partly to variety. Englewood Camera caters to pros and amateurs alike, offering the latest digital gear, collectible cameras “and everything  in between.” The store has a lab. It offers classes – it’s a camera enthusiast’s heaven.

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There’s also the staff. “Developing those relationships with the customers and just helping people out with their needs the best we can” is another big reason the store has survived where others haven’t.

But at 60+, this camera shop also is on top of it when it comes to the latest marketing tools. Social media, online newsletters, blogs – and now a Google Virtual Tour photographed by Medimax Senior Photographer  Jon Eady.

“I just thought it would be helpful to give it a shot and see what would come of it,” Cole says, with characteristic understatement. The fact is the store’s online presence is key, judging from its high ranking on Yelp and the number of people who find their way to it thanks to the Internet.

“I’ve heard people mention that they toured our store a little bit online,” Cole notes. Many people drive by but are surprised how big it is when they do stop in, he says. A Google Virtual Tour “gives them an impression of what we’ve actually got and do.”

Visit Englewood Camera’s website here.

You can show the world what your business has to offer with a Google Virtual Tour by Mediamax. Order today.

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