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Tracy Hulsey, RE/MAX Southeast in Castle Rock, was looking for a change. The online platform she’d been using to market her listings for many years didn’t seem to be keeping up with the times.

Then Jon Eady, master photographer, told her about the new Mediamax virtual tour platform.

“When I looked through the layouts, the picture sizes, and it was more about the property and not about the brand, it was much more desirable to me,” she says.

So, she switched.

One important factor in her decision was the way Mediamax’s new platform handles mobile.

“People now are so visual,” she notes. “Gone are the days of people going to an office or pulling fliers. It’s photography that’s going to drive the traffic to the property. By far. And most people aren’t looking on a computer or a desktop. They’re looking on their iPads or they’re looking on their smart phones.”

What Hulsey, an agent with plenty of experience in this business, understands is that you’ve got to go where your clients are.

Says Hulsey, “I’m trying to cater to a broad spectrum of people that are out there shopping for property, so I want to be able to know that whenever they’re going on there to look at those pictures, it’s compatible.”

Our new tour platform is mobile optimized but that’s not all. It’s got an array of terrific features from blazing fast loading speed to high-definition, full-screen viewing to the ability to play video within the tour. Plus, it supports both cylindrical and spherical panoramas, also within the tour.

Best of all, along with great tech, you also get the same talented team of professional real estate photographers you rely on, as well as Mediamax’s super-hero customer support.

Looking for a change? Contact us today and let us show you why you should switch to the new Mediamax virtual tour platform.

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