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Brandi Broadley always orders professional photography when she lists a home, even if it’s a lower price point, for one simple reason: “It sets the stage for the house to look professional and just visually more appealing,” she says.

Broadley, broker associate with Coldwell Banker Devonshire in Fort Collins, has been in real estate about a year, yet she’s had plenty of experience with buyers’ reactions to poor photos.

“We’ve skipped over houses, I’ve noticed, more often if they don’t have professional photography.”

If the photos online don’t show the details they’re interested in, buyers don’t waste their time. And the same goes for brochures, Broadley says. Buyers like to walk away with a brochure of a home that catches their interest.

“The photos are what kind of leave that impression in their minds. If they don’t have good photos, that kind of affects what the house might sell for and just the overall impression for what the house might be worth, because people are really visual.”

The photos set the stage. They make the difference between a positive first impression and a negative one – and between “let’s set a showing” and “show me something else.”

As a listing agent, Broadley has found professional photos also set the stage for another important impression – about her, as a real estate professional.

Sellers are pleased when she provides great photography and even more importantly it shows “what I provide and bring to my clients. It’s a higher level of service, really, for a minimal cost.”

Broadley recently switched from another company to Mediamax for her real estate photography. Both she and her sellers were very happy with the results.

“The imagery was so high quality. We were surprised to get them back so quickly.”

When you want professional photography that sets the stage, captivates buyers and pleases your sellers, go with Mediamax. Let us surprise you, not only with our quality, but our turnaround, too. Order today.

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