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Joshua Nottage is managing broker with his own company, US Realty Pros, and has 16 years experience in the business. A self-described “hands-on person,” he typically takes his own photos. But this listing was special. So, he contacted us.

“My concern on this was the price point and the quality of the photos that I was looking for,” he says.

Priced close to $1 million, the home near Bonnie Brae needed that little something extra. For higher-end homes like this, he says, “the details are always important.”

Although he prides himself on the care he takes in shooting his own photos, Nottage knew this was a job for a professional. He wanted HDR Photography. He wanted better lighting – all the things that would showcase the home’s higher value.

“Doing something on your own as far as photos on a property like this just wouldn’t have done it justice,” he says.

We sent him Master Photographer Nate Koerner.

“He was amazing,” Nottage says. “He was prompt and very experienced.” Nottage especially appreciated the time Nate spent with his clients. He also had some specific shots and angles in mind and he liked it that Nate was “really open to that and actually a little bit excited just because usually people don’t want some of those more artsy photos.”

Like this stairwell shot, for instance.

This was Nottage’s first experience with Mediamax Photography and our Mediamax Virtual Tour platform, which he says “was very simple, very easy to figure out.”

Will he use Mediamax again?


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