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Sometimes you just need your listing photos to pop.

Cindy McLellan, managing broker with Anton Hospitality Brokers, handles the residential side of the small business she owns with her husband, while he manages the hotel/motel division. A veteran of more than two and a half decades in real estate, Cindy’s been comfortable taking her own photos. But recently a Littleton townhome had her stumped.

She says she didn’t “know how to present this to make it be as lovely as it possibly can be. The angles weren’t perfect for my eye, etc.”

She talked it over with her assistant and decided to call Mediamax for professional help. We sent her Photographer Ben Nelson.

“It looks just phenomenal. The photos pop. Every shot he took I thought was divine.”

McLellan says she also appreciated how easy the whole experience was.

“It was very easy for me to meet the client, meet the photographer, set up, move around, watch what he was doing and that participation was really positive for me. He was very professional and appropriate. It was great.”

And there was a bonus.

“I felt that it kind of gave me a leg up with my clients as well.”

Will she be using Mediamax again?


When you need your listing photos to pop call in the professionals at Mediamax. We’ll make your life a whole lot easier. Order today.

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