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We’re always looking for new ways to help you energize your marketing. Whether it’s Twilight and Aerial photography or innovations like our Cinematic Home Tour videos, we’re always working to help you stand out from the pack. Another cool way to add variety to your tours is with Measuring and Floor Plans.

With our Measuring and Floor Plans service, we create digital floor plans for you, complete with dimensions and room names. When you add Measuring and Floor Plans to your Mediamax Virtual Tours, we include an interactive version of your plans that show inside your tours.

Save 21% when you order our Floor Plan Bundle: photography + measuring and floor plan.

So here’s what’s included:

  • On-site Laser measuring
  • Digital floor plan creation with room names and dimensions
  • Interactive Floor Plan added to your Mediamax Virtual Tour (when you bundle)
  • Fast turnaround – get your Floor Plan and photos within 1-2 business days
  • Digital Floor Plan files to use in your marketing material and on your website

Our trained professionals do all the on-site measuring for you, along with all the computer work and digital file creation. You can use the PDF and jpeg versions we deliver to you everywhere – on your website, on brochures, you name it.

Mediamax Measuring and Floor Plans help make your listings more useful and more memorable online. Buyers will really appreciate getting an at-a-glance view of the layout and feel of the home when you add floor plans to your Mediamax Virtual Tours. Plus, they’ll love being able to quickly click to see key rooms using the interactive “hot spots.”

Floor Plans are a huge help for out-of-area and out-of-state buyers, too. It’s another great way to help them fully visualize the home and imagine themselves living in it, without having to jump on a plane.

Floor Plans also shine offline.

“A lot of agents find that it’s great to use for open houses,” says Ben Nelson, Mediamax photographer and floor plan specialist. Add Floor Plans to your open house handouts to give buyers something they can refer to later. How much easier to remember your listing if they’ve got useful information like room dimensions to pore over (plus your name and contact information, of course).

When it comes to winning listings, Mediamax Floor Plans are “another arrow in your quiver,” notes Nelson. It’s one more great way to demonstrate your powerhouse approach to marketing and show sellers you mean business.

Order Measuring and Floor Plans by Mediamax today.

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