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If you want to know whether photography matters when it comes to selling listings, just ask Elaine Stucy, owner of Stucy Realty Co. in Castle Rock.

“I think photography is just hugely important.” And she offers some examples in case you’re still skeptical.

One listing she took over hadn’t had a showing in eight weeks. As soon as she saw the brochure, she knew why: the photos didn’t emphasize the home’s best feature. New photographs by Mediamax Photographer Jon Eady made the difference. Once she relisted it, it sold at full price.

“That 100% was the photography on that home,” she says. “It was a big deal.”

Another home simply lacked curb appeal. Eady solved the problem by photographing from a strategic angle, which meant buyers set showings instead of getting “turned off” by the pictures. That listing closes this month.

To Stucy, Mediamax is a key part of her team. One of the things that keeps her excited about real estate is “the drive to do a better job in selling homes.” She believes strongly in representing her clients’ properties to the utmost. That’s why she makes sure all her agents have access to great photography.

“They can’t go out and snap their own pictures,” she says. “I don’t care if it’s a $100,000 condo or a $2 million home, every client deserves a very high standard of basic service.”

After more than a decade in the business, does Stucy have a favorite photograph?

Absolutely, she says, citing the interior shot by Mediamax’s John Eady featured above.

“It is an award-winning photograph,” she says. “That photograph has gotten me listings.”

Even more importantly, it helped her make the sale.

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