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Are HDR photos for your listings really worth it? Is there that much difference between HDR photos and, let’s say, photos you might take yourself?

There is a difference and what better way to demonstrate it than with a little head-to-head competition.

In this corner we have the snapshot – taken on a good quality point-and-shoot camera. The snapshot’s advantage is it’s quick. It doesn’t take much thought. Let the camera do the work and, boom, you’re done.

In the other corner, we have HDR photos by Mediamax Master Photographer John Koliopoulos. John plans his shots carefully. Each HDR image typically requires 7 shots each, followed some time on the computer to craft the finished product. HDR photos require both technical know-how and artistry to create. Will that prove the real advantage? Let’s let our contenders duke it out.

First up, the glassed-in porch.

The snapshot lets you see through the windows, yes, but the interior is too dark. The view is too bright. Hard to tell what this room is really like.

But John’s HDR photo let’s you see all the details of the room. That’s because no area is too bright or too dark. You can see it’s a nice space. Makes you want to sit down and relax, doesn’t it?

Next, the living room.

The snapshot shows you too much of the couch and not enough of the room. The colors are bland. There are those pesky shadows again.

Meanwhile, John’s HDR photo is composed to put the viewer inside the room. Colors are richer and have lifelike sparkle. Without shadows, you can really get a feel for the beauty of this room.

Finally, the kitchen.

The snapshot fails to render the room as light and bright. The auto settings put the counter top in focus but everything else is fuzzy. The horizon is off kilter. This kitchen seems kind of dreary – no reason to linger here.

John’s HDR photo, in contrast, captures the space as warm and pleasant. There’s depth and dimension here that shows what a great place this is to prepare and enjoy a meal. You can almost hear the steak sizzling.

I think you’ll agree, Mediamax HDRs win this photo smackdown in a knockout. HDRs pay for themselves many times over – when they help buyers fall in love with your listing and, after the sale, when they help you show your prospects how beautifully you’ll represent their home in your marketing.

Order HDR photography by Mediamax today.

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