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Bob Adrian, broker/owner of Twist Luxury Home Marketing, doesn’t take promises lightly. When some long-time clients got transferred out of state and needed to sell their home quickly, he promised he’d have it on the market as soon as they finished their recently begun basement project.

“Their beautiful new basement was going to be very important in marketing their home,” Bob says.

His clients really had to scramble but they got the basement done with just a few days to spare. He ordered photography from one of our competitors. The trouble started when it took four days to schedule the shoot and then,

“When I finally got the photos, I found that they didn’t take any of the basement.”

All that trouble to finish the basement and … nothing?

“The photographer said he couldn’t find the basement door. The sellers said they left the basement door open for him. I complained to him,” Bob says, “and he said it would take four more days to come back out to shoot it.”

Couldn’t find the basement door?

You can imagine the panic Bob was in when he called us. I’ll let him finish the story:

“Mark was with family at dinner, but still managed to respond to my call. I relayed my dire situation to him, and he understood completely, and said he would help. He arranged for Mediamax to shoot basement photos the next morning, a Saturday. David Cramer, the photographer, came out on his day off and had a great attitude about it, even though it was a long drive [he normally shoots in Conifer]. He took great photos, uploaded them within a couple hours, and I got my clients’ home on the market that day.”

We were more than pleased to get the call and very happy to help. Making sure you get what you need is what we’re all about. It’s our promise to you and, like Bob Adrian, we don’t take promises lightly.

“It was this over-the-top, caring service from Mark and Mediamax and David Cramer that made it possible for me to get my client’s home on the market, and sold, and them off to Wisconsin in the nick of time,” Bob says. “I owe the success of this transaction to Mediamax.”

When you need help fast, call the people who care about your success. Call Mediamax at (303) 988-7497.

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