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When it comes to positive reactions in the real estate photography world there is no better compliment than when we receive rave reviews from a seller.  We love the praise, but more importantly we get a true sense of satisfaction when our services make our client’s look good!  Mediamax photographers are one of the first vendors to enter a sellers”s home and we love to get the listing off to a great start.  After all, one of the added benefits from hiring a professional real estate photographer is the high perceived value our service has with sellers; and that’s affirmed when they see gorgeous pictures of their home.  Some times we wonder if our photography makes them reconsider selling their home.

One of our most experienced photographers, John Koliopoulos, photographed a listing for the top producing team of Denise Reich and Stephanie Golhammer.  Their home owner reaction to our photos in an email got our attention.  “Nothing short of outstanding” the owner wrote, “Mediamax has done an exceptional job capturing our home”.

When I spoke with Stephanie she emphasized the importance of great listing photography, “buyers browsing the web will simply move on and look at the next listing if the photography isn’t spectacular” she said.  She also described how “Mediamax is an extension of our team”, confirming our goal to operate seamlessly with our clients creating a great impression with home sellers.

Hey, an added benefit of Mediamax real estate photography services occurs when our stunning photography generates enthusiastic sellers responses; but we’re confident our content plays a key role attracting qualified buyers. So, if you’ve got buyers looking for a centrally located Crestmoor neighborhood custom built home with a main floor master, you should call Stephanie Goldhammer today!

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