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Jon Eady is one of our most experienced senior photographers, so when he says a shoot is “challenging” you sit up and take notice.

Elaine Stucy, owner of Stucy Realty Co. in Castle Rock, recently called him in, as she so often does, to shoot a multimillion-dollar listing for her near Franktown.

“HDR was really the only option as flash would have ruined the feel of the rooms,” Eady says, “and flattened subtle light, shadow and textures.”

HDR photography is challenging enough, requiring both precision and artistry to create. But Eady also needed to do HDR panoramas. Panoramas are “stitched” together from several separate shots and they all have to line up exactly.

Just sayin’, this ain’t for the faint of heart.

If you’ve ever watched Jon work, you know he’s that rare combination of expert technician and artist. He’s systematic and leaves nothing to chance, yet his finished images sparkle with clarity and authenticity. Watch a video about Jon here.

In this case, processing was “critical,” he says, “to represent color balance of the key features correctly and represent the ambiance of the rooms faithfully, but still give everything that HDR `kick.’”

One more thing to know about this shoot – the sellers have worked with photographers at a high level before, so expectations were high. How’d he do?

“They loved the photos,” Stucy says.

What’s more, during a recent showing, prospective buyers said they were “mesmerized” by the photos.

“Jon never ceases to amaze me,” she says.

Jon Eady is just one example of the high-caliber photographers on the Mediamax team. When you want listing photographs that kick it up a notch, call in the professionals at Mediamax.

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