How Many Photos Should You Order? Casting Your Listing In Its Best Light

How many photos should you take for a listing? Is it dependent on the size of the house or the features? While I’m sure everyone approaches their marketing a little differently, we thought we’d give you our thoughts on how to approach your listing photography and factors to consider.

According to Mediamax Master Photographer John Koliopoulos, there are two major things that sell a home: its location and its unique features.  These are what you want to focus on when ordering your marketing photography. John says, “The goal of your marketing photos is to entice someone to come see the house, to peak their interest, so you want to make sure you’re always showing its best side.” 

Let’s say you have a bigger home with an original stone fireplace in the living room and a newly remodeled kitchen. John recommends capturing multiple angles of these areas rather than taking photos of the third and fourth bedrooms, for example, that look similar or identical and don’t really highlight the features that make the home unique. Be sure to show off the home theater or beautifully landscaped backyard. This also applies to the home’s location. Instead of shooting the second powder room, reserve those photos for showing the location of the house on a corner lot, or its proximity to parks or public transportation.

One comment we hear alot is that one or a couple of rooms in the house are not finished, stacked full of stuff, or just not in picture perfect order. So what’s the best approach to this situation? According to John, “You want to show potential buyers what they’re getting when they purchase the house, with no distractions.” In a room full of moving boxes, it’s unlikely viewers will be focused on anything but the clutter. In this situation, we recommend skipping the room altogether.  Ideally, collaborate with your sellers beforehand to make sure any rooms that contain unique features – a one-of-a-kind fire place, original wood floors and moulding, brand new appliances – are cleaned out and spotless, so they can be featured in the photography.

When choosing how many photos to order, use these tips to help you decide rather than just considering only the square footage of the home. Think of your photography as a first impression to buyers. Don’t be afraid to omit the photos that don’t cast it in its best light, and let the location and features sell the home.