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It’s officially summer here in eastern Colorado and with the heat comes green grass, trees in full bloom and beautiful views.  So how do you use the exterior photos to show off a property’s full potential?

We recommend really taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather by adding additional photos of the exterior of the home.  According to Master Photographer Jon Eady, photographing a listing in this peak season is great because the features of the home are at their absolute best.  Jon believes the exterior of a property is often the most important because it is what makes the house unique. Jon says, “You really want to take advantage of the summer season by capturing multiple angles of the exteriors when everything is green and in bloom.” That becomes even more important, he says, when you have a house with a floor plan similar to other homes or if the interior decor is dated. That way, you’re calling attention to the features that will ultimately sell the home – the exterior.

Jon always has one major thing in mind when photographing any home. He says, “I always keep the lifestyle at the forefront of my mind. When I take photos, I want to show off the lifestyle elements like the patio or BBQ area, and give buyers a mental picture of what it will be like to live there.” He recommends always taking pictures of these special features such as an outdoor fireplace, a koi pond, or a water feature to create that mental image for viewers online.

Another advantage of focusing on the exterior of the home is that it gives you an opportunity to show off the unique architecture, like in the picture below. Not only that, location is a big part of the selling point of a home, so showing the surrounding land and views is as important as showing a newly remodeled kitchen or master bath.

As Jon puts it, photographing a house in the summer season is “like capturing it when it is having a good hair day”. By really focusing on the bold colors, beautiful landscaping, and views, you really can sell a house with exterior photos, and the summer is the best time to do it!

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