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The first thing people say upon meeting Mediamax Master Photographer John Koliopoulos is that it’s very obvious that he cares. While that may not be the first requirement you think of when considering hiring a real estate photographer, it turns out it may just be the most important.

John has been shooting real estate photography in Denver for over six years, and is an expert in shooting luxury properties. Along with his HDR photography work, he also shoots aerial photos and Interactive Immersive tours. And while the type of photography you choose is definitely important, every agent knows that the photographer plays a key role in every home sale.

Longtime Mediamax client Claire Gilmore is an agent who definitely appreciates the value of John’s work and professionalism. She requests him for all of her photo shoots. According to Claire, “John is extremely detail oriented, flexible, and always on time,” all important things when trying to sell a home. Claire understands the value of having professional photography and says, “The market has definitely changed. It used to be that buyers would come to agents first to find a home. Now they go online first, so photos are extremely important.”

John believes strongly in putting care and attention into everything he does. When it comes to shooting real estate, his philosophy is that he is partnering with the agent to market the home in the best way possible. John says, “I try to give the agents I shoot for an opportunity to provide feedback and to let me know if there are different things I can do to better my service.”

The way John sees it, every home sale is an emotional experience. He says, “My job is to chauffeur people through their emotional transition so they leave confident and happy with their experience.”

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