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Sometimes professional photos by Mediamax almost sell the home back to the sellers.

Julie Trunzo with Your Castle Real Estate had this experience recently but not in the way you might expect.

“The house did not look great,” she says and everybody worried about how it would photograph. “It was tenant-occupied, very dark and, you know, we did the best we could.”

John Koliopoulos, Trunzo’s preferred Mediamax photographer, took the photos and, as it turned out, the sellers were so pleased, they actually started to wonder why they were selling.

Still, the house went on the market and a few days later Trunzo got a message from someone who’d seen it and was upset.

“I don’t know how old those pictures are but that house doesn’t look anything like them!” grumped the caller.

The photos were too good?

Of course, Trunzo reached out to the caller to explain, “We just took the pictures four days ago and they are untouched.”

The story has a happy ending – the house went under contract quickly and was set to close this week.

I think this is a great example of what a professional photographer can do for you. Without retouching, without any computer-aided sleight of hand, a pro like John knows how to bring out the best in your listings, even when they aren’t exactly photogenic.

“He just did such a great job with lighting and angles,” says Trunzo. For instance, “He got in there at certain angles where a mirror in the room would help add light.”

Or, in another case, “If you really look at it you can see the stain on the carpet but it was very subdued just because of the way he took the picture, the angles he used, the flash that he used, so he really did an amazing job.”

Trunzo says photos are “hugely important” in these days when most buyers are looking online. If that’s the case, don’t leave them to amateurs. Get your listing photos from the professionals at Mediamax.

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