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With most buyers doing their home shopping online these days, it almost goes without saying that you have to market your listings with some form of “virtual” tour. But how do you make sure your tours and, therefore, your listings stand out?

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the latest tips and tricks – and so have your competitors. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to something new, something your competitors haven’t even heard of yet. It truly is different, if not revolutionary, and miles ahead of ordinary virtual tours.

Introducing the Immersive Reality Tour by Mediamax.

The Immersive Reality Tour by Mediamax puts buyers in the room in a way that no other home tour can match. Buyers have complete control over what they see. This means they can see the floor, the ceiling, they can turn any direction.

These aren’t just the standard cylindrical panoramas you’re used to. They’re spherical, so they show that much more of the room, the home and even outdoors. Navigation is seamless, from panorama to panorama. Or, the viewer can select the room they want to see from the dropdown menu.

The colors and clarity are simply astounding. There’s no distortion or fisheye effect. It’s a cliché but this really is the closest thing to actually walking through the home.

Why choose the Immersive Real Tour by Mediamax?

“It separates you from your competition,” says Master Photographer Jon Eady. “It gives you that edge.”

Cut your competitors out of the equation completely. Wow your sellers and give buyers an experience they can’t get any other way. Order your Immersive Reality Tour by Mediamax today.

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