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When the subject of video comes up, people nod their heads and say, “Yeah, I should really do that.” But they don’t. Why? Well, most people haven’t produced a video before, haven’t seen one produced, probably haven’t even been on camera.

What you probably think when somebody says video is “I’ve got enough on my plate, now I have to do video, too?”

I totally get that. Video isn’t in your wheelhouse. But it doesn’t need to be. All you need to do is put our experienced team of video professionals to work and the rest is, well, easy.

For starters, nobody has to write a script. You don’t have to memorize lines or stand stiffly in front of a camera and read cue cards. Thanks to our storytelling approach, all you have to do is be yourself, talk about what you know best – yourself and your business – and we do the rest.

Our Supervising Producer Emily Langner guides you every step of the way, from scheduling the shoot to delivering the final video to you.

Before the shoot, Langner gathers all the information she needs to put you at your ease in front of the camera and let your personality shine through.

“This is what I always tell people,” Langner says, “the No. 1 thing they need is enthusiasm.”

If you’ve got enthusiasm for what you’re doing, our team will capture it and create a professional video that connects with your audience.

During the shoot, Langner’s the director and off-camera interviewer, guiding you through the process and making sure everything goes smoothly. Meanwhile Videographer/Editor Jason Vaz gathers great footage.

Once the shoot’s done, Vaz brings everything together, selecting the very best moments to create your video.

“It’s our video expertise combined with your vision,” says Langner. “That’s what makes a great product “

See how easy it is? Request a consultation today.

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