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So, you’ve ordered a Mediamax Virtual Tour and you get an email saying the photos are done and the tour’s been published. Now what?

It’s time to personalize your tour so buyers see the captivating online presentation you want them to see.

From My Tours, click on the tour you want to work on.

When you click on a tour you next see several options. We’ll call this your Tools window.

Note: the address of the tour you clicked on shows in the upper left. You can view the tour any time by clicking a View Tour button. Thumb’s Up indicates the tour’s been published. You can return to My Tours by using the Back to Tours link.

In this example, click the Edit Tour icon. This where you’ll give your tour that personal touch.

Notice the three tabs below the tour address. The Edit Tour window always opens to the Media Tab. This is where you can arrange or rearrange the media (photos, panoramas, video). Just click on any item and drag and drop it where you want it. You can also change names and add descriptions here. Note: there is a slider for scrolling up and down. Use it to see all the media in your tour.

Keep in mind any changes you make when editing your tour are automatically saved.

Click the Tour Tab to create or change the heading and subheading of your tour.

This is also the place to add your description of the property. Notice that you’ve got familiar tools to work with to customize the look of your description like choice of font, Bold, Italic and Underline, etc.

Want to add music to your tour? Click the Media button at the bottom right (see image above).

At the top right of the Media Button view you’ll see a drop-down menu for “music.” Click on that to see music choices and make your selection.

You can also click the Map/MLS Tab to select your MLS.

Click the MLS drop-down menu to select your MLS. You’ll also see a Google Map of the property in the Map/MLS Tab view if it’s available.

You can always see how your changes look by clicking the View Tour button.

When you’re done editing, click Back to Tours in the upper left to go back to My Tours view. Or, click one of the other icons on the left side of the screen to perform another task. For instance, once you’ve personalized your tour the way you want it, you could click the Flyer icon to create and send a flier. More on that in a future post.

Watch this space for more tips on using our new Mediamax Virtual Tour. As always, we’re happy to help. Please feel free to call our local help desk at (303) 988-7497.

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