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The listing photos you just ordered on a property were good. Your sellers were pleased. So, why aren’t buyers beating a path to your door?

Consider the image featured above. This is a standard, front exterior shot. But maybe it’s a little too standard. By the time buyers have paged through listing after listing, this house looks like every other house.

“Particularly for ranch homes, they often don’t look very impressive from street level,” says Carolyn Williamson, with RE/MAX Masters in Greenwood Village.

Williamson specializes in The Pinery and The Timbers in Douglas County where homes  “often have mountain views or back to wooded open space and that’s just not apparent from the ground level.”

Williamson’s solution is to order land-based aerial photography from Mediamax.

Here’s the same house shown above, shot from about 50 feet in the air.

Elevated Brick 2 Story

By getting elevated – up to 60 feet with Mediamax’s trailer-mounted rig – “you actually see the depth and the width of the house and what’s behind it,” she says. See a video of the rig in operation here.

That’s how you make good listing photos great. With land-based aerial, your listing photos can tell the property’s whole story – the beautiful mountain backdrop, the expanse of the property, the surroundings (that nearby lake, golf course, park, open space and so on).

Williamson often works with Mediamax Senior Photographer Jeff Perry.

Perry says there’s such a dramatic difference when you change perspectives from street level to elevated.

“You really display the whole property instead of just the front façade.”

It allows him to get above trees and other obstacles that might obscure the beauty or uniqueness of the home.  He can also capture in one or two shots what might take multiple, piecemeal shots to do otherwise.

Take a look at the comparisons below and you’ll see what a difference land-based aerial photos can make in showcasing a home.

The next time you want to create not just an ordinary listing but an extraordinary one that gets buyers clicking, order land-based aerial photography by Mediamax.

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