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A few weeks ago, I received an email from one of our clients.  Sue Lindh, RE/MAX Professionals, was writing to let us know that she had just sold a home without her buyers having seen the property in person.  They looked at the photos online and immediately wanted to put an offer in on the house. According to Sue, “The tour went online and within 24 hours the buyers viewed the property from California and fell in love.”

Sue said that one big selling point of this home was the amount of open space that surrounded the property. She complimented the job done by a Mediamax photographer on how well he was able to capture the space and really represent it accurately and beautifully.  After seeing the photos online, the sellers really got a sense for the layout of the property and the amount of open space included. Sue recommends that when you have a property on acreage, “you really benefit from taking more exterior photos to highlight the additional buildings and spaces.”

Sue also opted for an HDR photography package on the listing, and is glad she did. One major advantage of the HDR photography is how realistically it represents the property, and with the buyers looking only at the photos, it helped them really envision what they were getting.  Sue prefers the HDR photography for properties like this one and feels that the HDR “really brings out the detail of the home. Everything is much more defined. There’s no other way to go”.  And in a shot like the ones below, the HDR photos incorporate the open space into the interior photos as well.


For Sue, this experience has really solidified the importance of professional photography. She has since requested her favorite photographer to shoot her upcoming listings, and appreciates the ability to call and request him as her preferred photographer. Sue says being able to request her favorite photographer “gives you that feeling of comfort that you know the job’s going to be done right.”

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