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One of the most frequent conversations we have with our clients is about choosing whether to order standard or HDR photography for their lisitings.  For some homes, the answer is easy. For example, for a $1.5 million home on 5 acres with breathtaking views from every window, you’d definitely want to choose the HDR photos.  But how about those other properties?

What HDR photography does best is bring the outside in and really incorporate it into the photos of the house. In the example below, it’s easy to see why you would choose the HDR Photography. With a view this nice, you’ve got to show it off!


In the photo below, not only did using the HDR photography really accentuate the details of the wood and ceiling accents, it brought the natural color of the trees into the photo.


You may not know that HDR photography is also a great way to add interest to a home that may need that something extra.

Take this example below.  Using the HDR photography brought the beautiful blue sky into the photo, adding color and an interest level that you might not expect from a bathroom. Who wouldn’t want to relax in this luxurious tub?


Here’s another example of how using the HDR photography really added the extra color to a room that had minimal accents.


One thing we hear again and again about our HDR photography is how it really gives buyers online an accurate representation of everything they can expect from a home.  Next time you’re deciding whether to order standard or HDR photos, keep in mind that incorporating the outside view may just be that extra boost you were looking for to make your photos really stand out online.

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