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Do you prove your value as a realtor to your sellers? Colleen Teitelbaum, associate broker with Coldwell Banker/Southeast Metro at DTC, says there’s a simple reason why it’s important.

If the house sells the first day on the market and you’ve done nothing, she says, “they’re going to say, what do I need you for?”

Right now, she says, “there are a lot of people cutting corners because they feel that the houses are flying off the market so fast they don’t need the photography, they don’t need fancy brochures and all that stuff. I and my managing broker both totally disagree with that.”

No matter what the market, Teitelbaum sees providing professional photography by Mediamax as a key part of her value to clients.

“People get fired up about great photography and you tend to have more showings, more energy and just really more opportunities for sellers to get multiple offers or top dollar for their property.”

There’s “nothing worse” than realtor photos, she says, “Because when realtors take pictures of places, they get pictures of furniture, not the space.

“You guys have a knack of really just providing such a clear scope of the space. It’s really great.”

Teitelbaum has worked with other photographers including one she says was “terrific” but whose turnaround time was too long.

“I never want to list a property without my photography in place. Because the buyers that are looking, they’re looking that day and if there are no photos, they won’t come back.”

Professional photography by Mediamax goes hand in hand with professional staging as part of her service to clients.

“There’s a process involved,” she says, “and if you do it right, you will really get top dollar for your clients, which is what you’re supposed to do. I mean, it’s not just put a sign in the yard and pray that it sells.”

Prove your value as a realtor with professional photography by Mediamax. Order today.

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