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This is the tragedy of bad real estate photography: it doesn’t have to happen. As I continue my occasional series of bad photos I found on realtor.com, here’s an example of something that’s not horrible but could have been so much better.

You see right away, I’m sure, that this photo is too dark and too bright at the same time (see another example of this common problem here). Bright sunlight streaming in the windows poses the problem, which the picture taker tried to fix by closing the blinds. But this only made things worse because it darkened the room. Is it possible the camera didn’t include a flash? I doubt it, but the picture taker must not have known how to deploy it.

You also have to wonder why the picture taker included the wine rack on the left and the chair (center right). Are these essential elements of the space? I think not.

But let’s imagine what happened to get this photo in the first place. The agent, in a mad dash to get the listing online, rushes across town, jumps out of the car, fumbles with the lockbox, runs through the house snapping pictures. Then maybe other appointments ensue – meetings, phone calls, what have you to eat up the rest of the day. When this agent finally reviews his/her pictures on the way to uploading them, it’s too late. Too late to go back and try again. Too late to diddle with them on the computer, as if a busy agent has time to process photos anyway.

So, sometime in the dark of a lonely night, up online goes this tragically bad photo and more where that came from, I’m sure.

But none of this had to happen – that’s the tragedy. If only the agent had hired a professional real estate photographer, nobody would have to struggle to see past all that’s wrong with this picture.

Here’s how stunning entryways can be when shot by professional real estate photographers at Mediamax:

The professionals at Mediamax deliver high-quality real estate photography with ease, speed and reliability. Avoid the tragedy of bad real estate photos, contact Mediamax today.

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