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Here’s How We Make Video Production Easy for You

Mediamax video crew interviews RE/MAX's Machiele Marks at CAR 2014

When the subject of video comes up, people nod their heads and say, “Yeah, I should really do that.” But they don’t. Why? Well, most people haven’t produced a video before, haven’t seen one produced, probably haven’t even been on camera. What you probably think when somebody says video is “I’ve got enough on my plate, […]

Introducing the Immersive Reality Tour by Mediamax

New! Immersive Reality Tour by Mediamax

With most buyers doing their home shopping online these days, it almost goes without saying that you have to market your listings with some form of “virtual” tour. But how do you make sure your tours and, therefore, your listings stand out? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the latest tips and tricks – and so […]

Mediamax Extends Its Network to Buena Vista, Salida and Beyond

Senior Photographer Mark Siegfried

Great news for our real estate friends on the west side of the Divide! Mediamax now has a photographer based in Buena Vista. Mark Siegfried is a familiar name and face to many of our clients in the Metro area. He’s an accomplished architectural photographer with a quiet, easy-going manner. He actually got his start […]

Kelly Nichols: To Look Good Online, It’s Gotta be HDR

HDR Photography by Jon Eady for RE/MAX's Kelly Nichols

“I always tell people, if you want somebody to date you, you better look good online.” Kelly Nichols with RE/MAX Professionals in Littleton is, of course, talking about selling homes, not matters of the heart. But the metaphor is apt. When you’re trying to attract interest online, presentation is everything. For Nichols, the best way […]