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Guest Blog: Obeo’s Marci James Helps You Optimize for Mobile

Mobile Local Search Tips from Obeo's Marci James

Have you optimized your real estate business for mobile local search? Here are some useful tips from Marci James, director of marketing at Obeo, to help you make sure prospective clients find you first and fast. Mobile devices index local searches very differently than personal computers, so optimizing your business for mobile local search could […]

What’s Wrong With This Picture? In Search of Really Bad Photography

What's Wrong With This Picture

I went house shopping recently. Not because I’m planning to move but because I wanted to see what kinds of photos home buyers see when they search online. I have to tell you, it’s not pretty. Using, I sampled listings from around the country and quickly found some ugly gems. I actually thought it […]

Meet Mediamax’s Jeff Davis, a guy with “the eye”

Jeff Davis Twilight for Jeff Manley RE/MAX

What does it take to capture a truly stunning Twilight image? Mediamax Senior Photographer Jeff Davis recently shot Twilight and HDR photos for Jeff Manley, RE/MAX Professionals – Denver, including the one featured above. With an experienced pro like Davis you know you’re always going to get great photographs, but I think he outdid himself […]

Preparing Your Sellers for the Shoot: A Checklist

Prepare your sellers for the shoot: A checklist

Your sellers may be worried about the photographer coming. First-time sellers may be be feeling more than a little overwhelmed by the process. But even experienced sellers can use a few pointers. Ease their stress and yours, save time and make sure everything goes well by using this helpful checklist. Download a copy here. Exterior […]

Todd Yokomichi: Some of the best photos I’ve seen, period

Todd Yokomichi listing by Mediamax's Nate Koerner

In tennis they call the perfect shot an ace. In photography, sometimes it all comes together just like that. Todd Yokomichi’s listing at Larimer Place downtown offers  “champagne views and caviar location,” as he puts it in his marketing. Yokomichi is broker/owner of Denver Fine Properties in Englewood. Yokomichi wanted to capture what it’s like […]