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In tennis they call the perfect shot an ace. In photography, sometimes it all comes together just like that.

Todd Yokomichi’s listing at Larimer Place downtown offers  “champagne views and caviar location,” as he puts it in his marketing. Yokomichi is broker/owner of Denver Fine Properties in Englewood.

Yokomichi wanted to capture what it’s like to live there, especially the dramatic city views from the balcony, so he ordered premium professional photography by Mediamax, including Handcrafted HDR™ and Twilight still photos.

“Everyone’s shopping for a home online these days,” he says. “That’s where they’re looking first, so if the photos aren’t an A+, it’s going to make a difference.”

“It’s gotta jump out,” he stresses. “It’s just gotta be beautiful photography.”

Mediamax Senior Photographer Nate Koerner was our Rafael Nidal for the photos. Or, better yet, let’s call him our Pete Sampras who was king of the ace a few years back.

“Those are some of the best photos I’ve seen, period,” Yokomichi says. “They’re great.”

Yokomichi happens to be a tennis player himself, so his favorite shot is the one Koerner took of the rooftop tennis court.

“It’s just lit up. The colors on the tennis court – they’re just so vibrant. I haven’t seen any photo like that from any of the listings on that building.”

See what I mean by “ace”?

Here’s the video we did for Yokomichi, combining Koerner’s stills with full-motion video:

Professional photography, like professional tennis, takes the game to another level. When you want standout images, you need a photographer like Mediamax’s Nate Koerner who can ace the shot again and again.

Next time you want to ace the competition, go with the pros at Mediamax.

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