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What does it take to capture a truly stunning Twilight image?

Mediamax Senior Photographer Jeff Davis recently shot Twilight and HDR photos for Jeff Manley, RE/MAX Professionals – Denver, including the one featured above. With an experienced pro like Davis you know you’re always going to get great photographs, but I think he outdid himself this time. Here’s an image that really reaches out and grabs you.

Yes, to get this shot, you have to the right gear. Davis is a Nikon guy and he uses top-of-the-line equipment. But gear doesn’t make you a great photographer. You’ve got to know how to use it. You’ve got to put in the time to master the craft. Mastery is time multiplied by experience.

During our busy season, Jeff Davis shoots 1,000-1,500 photographs a day. He’s been with Mediamax since the beginning and after some 12 years, he’s photographed well over 10,000 listings.See him in action here.

But even experience doesn’t guarantee you the shot. You gotta have “the eye.” Without doubt, Jeff Davis is a guy with the eye.

I’ll grant you that in this particular case there was also a little bit of luck involved. Davis was in the right place at the right time – just as one of our glorious Colorado sunsets reached its peak. But it’s also fair to say he was the right guy because he was able to capture the beauty of the moment.

For photographers with the mastery, the experience and “the eye” to get the truly memorable shot, make sure you’re working with Mediamax photographers.

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