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With over 100,000 residential properties photographed since 2002, you’d be right to call Mediamax residential real estate specialists. But did you know we also provide photography and video services for the commercial real estate world?

Whether it’s photographing retail sites, office complexes, new residential developments, construction sites and more, we do it all. It’s our job to provide exceptional visual imagery, no matter the subject, and as always we deliver everything we do with ease, speed and reliability. When you tap the Mediamax network of talented professionals, you know you’re going to get what you need, when you need it.

Take property management companies as an example. As you know, the apartment rental market is as hot as residential sales these days. It should come as no surprise that property managers need excellent photographs to attract the best renters online.

Recently we’ve been photographing apartment complexes owned by some top names in the business. They’re all along the Front Range, from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, as well as Denver, Loveland, Parker, just to name a few.

As you can see, we can easily apply our talent for photographing residences to apartment homes. In these cases, we’re looking for those attractive features that draw people in – the pool, the community room and so on. Showcasing the sign or entrance to a complex is a great way to establish the mood for the whole place. When available, we give the same high-quality treatment to the model unit as we would to a house for sale.

We’re always excited to take on a new project. Think of us for residential real estate for sure, but if you’ve got other photography or video needs, contact me. For everything visual, think Mediamax.

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