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Some of our recent blogs have highlighted the advantages of HDR photography on interior photos of your listings, but using HDR photography makes a big difference on exterior photos as well.

What HDR photography does best is to combine the brightest parts of a scene with the darker parts into one photo, creating an end result that is optimal for both ends of the spectrum. So on the interior shot below taken by Mediamax photographer Mark Siegfried, it exposes for the darker parts of the scene (the room) as well as the brighter parts (the views out the windows), creating a balance that reflects what you see with the human eye and enhancing the viewer’s experience.


What you probably didn’t know was that those differences in light can be even more pronounced outside, making HDR photography especially important when capturing exterior views.  Take a look at the comparison below. The first shot is a photo shot with traditional standard photography and the second one is the same angle shot using HDR photography. According to Mediamax photographer John Koliopoulos, in a twilight shot like this one at sunset, “you have two sides of the spectrum: really bright artificial light from the buildings and street lights and natural light from the setting sun.”


John says, “When you have a scene with this much interest and quality, you want to show all the detail you can.” You accomplish this by combining several photos exposed for each level of brightness. “By capturing intricate details at each light level,” John explains, “certain things reveal themselves in each image creating a photo with much greater richness and impact.” The second photo really reflects that.

Using the HDR technique in the photo below (also taken by Mediamax photographer Mark Siegfried) , the shadows of the deck were combined with the brightness of the trees and sky to create a stunning scene that showed off the gorgeous setting and rich colors in crisp detail. This gives viewers a larger than life illustration of one of the major selling points of the property.


Next time you really want to show off that amazing view from a property, remember that HDR photography is a great way to wow your sellers and really capture exactly what the property has to offer.

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