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Meet John Koliopoulos: Architectural Photographer Extraordinaire

Over the past ten years John Koliopoulos has honed his skills as a real estate photographer delivering stunning photography that rival images you’ll find in Architectural Digest magazine. While John’s knowledge and skills as a real estate photographer have continuously grown over his ten year career with Mediamax, he believes his job is as much about treating clients and sellers with respect as it is about capturing jaw-dropping images. 

For John, “Mediamax is not just a photography business but it is a services business which encompasses the photography, the composition and technology used, and most importantly treating our clients, the home sellers and their home with respect.  John and all Mediamax photographers have learned that ‘how we deliver our services’ is almost more important than the quality images we deliver.  We understand that Mediamax photographers represent our clients when interacting with home sellers and our goal is to leave sellers with a great impression that helps our clients win more referrals and listings. 

John takes a detail-oriented approach to his work which saves his clients time and money when it comes to marketing their listings.  

John has a knack for capturing the beauty and selling features that creates a strong emotional attachment from the minute buyers view his photography.  In fact, John can recall stories from clients where out of state buyers have made a home purchase based on his photography alone, without ever setting foot inside their new home, which gives a whole new meaning to the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ The first time those buyers saw their home in person was when they arrived to move in! 

We can tell many stories about how John has helped our clients win listings and sell homes quicker for higher asking prices, but the benefit of his services can best be expressed by one of our best long time clients: 

“John has personally photographed the majority of my listings for the last several years. John knows how picky I am and his attention to detail as well as his ability to adjust the photo shoot to fit my vision of how I want my listings marketed is second to none.” -Claire Gilmore 

Below is a small sample of John’s incredible work. 

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