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11 Ways to Get More From Your Virtual Tours

11 Ways to Get More From Your Virtual Tour

Your virtual tour could be working harder for you.  As nice as it would be to just “set it and forget it,” if you’re not using it, it might as well be lying around in cyberspace eating bonbons for all the good it’s doing you. Whether you’re a realtor promoting your listings through Obeo or […]

How to Put Your Obeo Tours on Your YouTube Channel

Put your Obeo tours on your personal YouTube channel.

In a previous post I showed you how easy it is to make your Obeo Tours into YouTube videos. This time, I want to show you how to automatically convert your tours into YouTube videos and put them on your personal YouTube Channel. Once again, it’s easy and it’s going to help you build traffic […]

How to Email an Obeo Tour Using eFlyers

How to Email Your Obeo Tour as an eFlyer

Want to get more mileage out of your Obeo Homesite Tour? Wish there was a way you could send information about your tours with a simple email? It’s quick and easy with Obeo eFlyers. Announce a new listing. Send a tour to prospective buyers. You name it. Watch this video or use the step-by-step instructions […]

How to Embed an Obeo eFlyer in a Craigslist Ad

How to Embed an Obeo eFlyer in Craigslist

Looking for a way to improve results of your Craigslist ads? Here’s an easy, time-saving way to give them a professional look – with Obeo eFlyers. All the links in the eFlyer are live and take the viewer to your Obeo tour. They also generate hits from Craigslist on your Obeo traffic report. Start adding […]

How to Make Your Obeo Tour a Youtube Video

How to Make Your Obeo Tour a Youtube Video

YouTube is by far the most viewed site on the Internet. I recommend you always convert your Obeo Homesite Tour into a YouTube video to boost your listings’ search results.   Sound technical? No. It’s easy! Just watch this helpful video. Or, use these step-by-step instructions: First, log in to your member’s area on Obeo: […]

How to Add a Banner to Obeo Tour Main Photos

Adding a banner to any Obeo Tour main photo is a quick, easy way to make sure buyers spot your listing among the hundreds of listings they search through online when shopping for a home. Here’s brief video to walk you through the process:  Or use these step-by-step instructions (feel free to copy and save): […]