Handcrafted HDR™ Takes Listings to the Next Level 

Handcrafted HDR™ photography by Mediamax offers you a simply superior way to showcase your listings. With outstanding clarity, dazzling colors and those set-you-apart details like being able to see through the windows, Handcrafted HDR™ by Mediamax turns ordinary listing photos into extraordinarily winning presentations. We call it “handcrafted” because every photograph gets expert treatment by our professional photographers. For us, creating HDR photos isn’t a batch process, it’s an art. Let us put our art and our knowledge to work for you.Learn more about HDR photography and how we create stunning HDR photos here. Read how top producers use HDR and other premium photos to turn the sale here and here.

“I absolutely love the results, and I’m

so glad I let you run with your ideas.”

–Angela Hacker


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