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Most of the time, a good front exterior is your first impression of a home for sale online. It gives you a comprehensive view of what you’re getting, and that “curb appeal” that is so very important. But sometimes it’s other features of a home that are going to sell it, and it’s important to be able to identify those assets and know how to use them to your advantage.

When Coldwell Banker agent Trish Dudley saw the property at 4755 E Pinewood Cir in Centennial, she knew that the community features of the home were some of its greatest attributes. While the 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home had many other appealing features, it was the gorgeous deck, views of the bubbling brook and the lily pond that she knew would create a picture for potential buyers they just couldn’t pass up.

This home is unique in that it is located in a million dollar community, but is one of the few no maintenance options available.  Trish said, “I ended up using these exterior photos as my opening shots when marketing this property,” and when she did, the interest level from potential buyers picked up.

Trish worked with Mediamax Master Photographer Jon Eady to make sure these selling points were represented online. Trish says, “I typically email Mediamax with all of the features I’d like captured on each listing, and Jon does the rest.” And in the case of 4755 E Pinewood Cir, over a third of the photos Jon took highlighted the outdoor features. In the end, selling a home is selling a lifestyle, and who can’t imagine relaxing on an outdoor deck in that beautiful setting.

Trish appreciates this ease of service with Mediamax, and has been working with Jon for almost ten years to photograph her listings. She says, “There’s so many moving parts in real estate sales, and we know with Mediamax there’s never going to be a hiccup.”

You can view the complete virtual tour for 4755 E Pinewood Cir here.

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