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Don’t you just love looking at homes? Especially luxury homes with their to-die-for interiors, their architect-designed floor plans and their manicured landscaping? Of course there’s more here than just eye candy. There’s also plenty to learn from luxury marketers that you can use to market any listing.

But first the eye candy.

Here’s a sampling of photographs by Mediamax Master Photographers Andy Gould, Jeff Davis, John Koliopoulos, Jon Eady and Nate Koerner. All these Metro-area homes had an asking price of $1 million or more.

Now, try these 5 marketing tips from the “million-dollar-plus club” to get better real estate photos and better results.

Tip #1 Luxury homes are always professionally photographed. It’s not just the subject that makes a photo better. You can get the lighting, the composition, the artistry that luxury marketers get by using a professional photographer for all your listings.

Tip #2 Luxury homes are immaculate when photographed. What’s the biggest difference between luxury and ordinary? Luxury takes a “not a hair out of place” approach. Copy that with rigorous cleaning and decluttering.

Tip #3 Luxury homes are staged. Okay, maybe you don’t have the budget to stage every room, but you could stage one key room. Or, you could do some “staging lite” – e.g., new towels in the bathroom or a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen. (Pinterest has tons of tips and tricks for staging on a budget.)

Tip #4 Luxury marketing experts use specialty photography. You can instantly give your photos the luxury treatment by using HDR, instead of standard, photography. Luxury marketers also love Twilights and Aerials, because they add drama and tell a more detailed story.

Tip #5 Luxury marketing experts always highlight unique features. Maybe your listings don’t all have wine cellars, but if there is something really special, make sure your photographer shoots it. We make it easy for you to add images to our 20-, 25- and 35-image packages so you get everything you need.

At Mediamax, we photograph homes in the “million-dollar-plus club” as well as the most modest condo and everything in between. Trust us to deliver the same high quality and high level of customer service on every job we do. Order today.

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